Benefits of Leasing a Multifunctional Printer or Photocopier

Are you thinking of leasing a multifunctional printer or photocopier but wondering if it’s worth it?

Printers and photocopies are a key component of any office’s document management system. For many businesses purchasing important office equipment such as a photocopier or printer may be a daunting investment, especially with the associated large upfront sum. Leasing the equipment is a smart move with several good business-sense advantages. Here are the benefits of leasing a multifunctional printer or photocopier

1. Cost savings

Leasing multifunctional printers or copiers gives businesses immediate and affordable access to essential business equipment without breaking their wallets. Lease payments are not affected by changes in interest rates. Hence these payments can be accurately planned, making it possible to compare the cost of use with projected revenue and profits generated by the use of the equipment.

2. Tax efficiency

Leasing office equipment can reduce your overall tax bill, as monthly payments for leases can be deductible as a business expense on your company’s tax return. This reduces the net cost of leasing the equipment, adding to the savings already generated by choosing not to buy.

3. Keep up with technology

If you buy a printer, it will eventually become outdated or inefficient, since copier technology is constantly improving. Leasing a copier gives your company the option to upgrade to a newly-released and more advanced model during your lease period, ensuring that your employees have access to the best technology.

4. Multifunctional

Since the photocopier and printer machines are multifunctional, combining all the functions of a scanner, fax machine, printer, and photocopier, upgrading all these facilities at the same time rather than having to deal with multiple outdated machineries makes more sense. This presents one of the newer benefits of leasing combined with the latest multifunctional technology.

5. Hassle-free equipment maintenance

Another benefit of leasing a multifunctional printer or photocopier is that you don’t need to worry about any repair or maintenance costs as most copier and printer lease plans come with a maintenance agreement that covers service, parts, labor, and supplies. This is a great deal for businesses that have a limited or no IT department.

6. No upfront capital

Printer or photocopier leases rarely require down payments, leaving your company with no up-front costs. This allows you to save your company’s free cash for other uses while making an affordable monthly payment on your printer or copier lease.

7. No need to arrange disposal

Nowadays, companies must comply with a long list of regulations regarding the safe disposal of old IT assets. Choosing to lease a copier or printer means the logistical burden of disposal is passed on to the rental company.

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