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How Should Offices Dispose of Printer Cartridges?

What do you do with your printer cartridge once it’s empty? Do you just throw it away? Learn how to dispose of cartridges properly, in an eco-friendly way. Toner cartridges that are commonly used in printers contain hazardous chemical material, hence throwing spent ink cartridges into the garbage is unsafe for the environment. Proper disposal … Read more

How Does a Photocopy Machine Work?

Have you been running hundreds or thousands of copies every month for your business? Do you have an idea how the photocopy machine works? One of the most important and universal pieces of equipment in any business is a photocopier. However, many people use the machine without any understanding of the how the machine actually … Read more

How Much Do Office Copiers Cost?

Do you need to replace your old copier with a new and robust one? Or you just need to buy a new copier? Is your business growing so much that you need to buy multiple copiers? Where do you start searching for great copiers at a good price? With such a wide variety of copier … Read more

How To Set Up A Fuji Xerox Wireless Printer

Are you tired of so many tangling wires and power cords connected to your devices? Well, why not try wireless printing? Wireless printers or WiFi printers enable you to print from multiple, distributed electronic devices without physically having to connect a wire to the printer. Copysmart has a number of Fuji Xerox printers with a … Read more

Fuji Xerox Printer Drivers For Windows 8 & Windows 10

Do you know that Fuji Xerox printers offer you four driver types that are compatible with machines running Windows 8 and Windows 10? As in any other information technology, printing is also constantly undergoing significant changes particularly in Windows 8/10. Customers are being offered a variety of choices of driver types, which are not only … Read more

How To Set Up A Fuji Xerox Printer

Have you just purchased a Fuji Xerox printer or you are planning on buying one? Are you wondering how fast you can get your machine set up? By following the steps outlined below, you’re guaranteed to set up your Fuji Xerox printer correctly. Preparing to set up Fuji Xerox printer Ensure that the components in … Read more