Have An Old Printer? – Here Is What You Can Do With It

Did you know that the first-ever laser printer cost $17000?

These days printers don’t cost quite as much and it is easy to get a new printer. The problem comes when you don’t know how to dispose of old printers you have lying around.

It is not advised to just throw it in the trash as there are special components that need to be disposed of correctly. Printer components contain potentially toxic materials that can leach into the soil in landfills. Below are some ideas of what to do with old printers.

1. Donate or sell your old printer

If your printer is in decent condition you can donate or sell it. There are many charities that will accept old printers. eBay can help you sell your old printer and contribute some or all of the proceeds to charity. Some thrift shops can also accept old printers, sell them and then donate the proceeds to community services.

If you have someone you know that may appreciate this as a gift, go ahead and surprise them with one. You can also sell your old printer online or look for shops in your area that will buy it from you. Some manufacturers have buy-back programs and you can sell it back to the manufacturer.

2. Prepare your old printer for proper recycling

This is for the more tech-savvy people. If you are not so well versed, then you can learn so that you know how to disassemble a printer for recycling. Some recycling centres cannot accept old printers that are not disassembled so you need to do this before dropping off the parts. Some people can disassemble old printers and use different parts to refurbish other printers or replace broken parts in other printers.

3. Recycle your old printer

If you want to know how to recycle old printers, read on. In Australia, E-Waste recycling services are available all over the country. Look here for more details. Different locations accept different gadgets for recycling so you must call ahead and check if they accept old printers at that location. If you have friends that want to get rid of old electricals why not make a day of it and have a recycling drive then take all the old gadgets for recycling at the same time.

If you get rid of your old printer the right way, you can help preserve the environment. Take the extra time to make sure you recycle it, donate or sell it for some extra money.

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