Digital Printing: Facts and Latest Trends

Do you want to keep abreast of the latest trends in the digital printing industry?

Trying to keep up with the latest trends in digital printing can be a bit daunting. We live in a world where technology keeps advancing by the day. To keep you up to date, here are the latest trends and facts in digital printing you should look out for in the coming years

  1. 3D printing

    3D printing is super-exciting and has the most anticipated future for digital printing. One of the latest emerging digital printing trends, it makes use of the additive manufacturing process to produce three-dimensional objects. 3D printing technology has a pivotal role to play in various sectors. It simplifies internal processes that appear difficult in 2D printing.

  2. Erasable printing technology

    This trending printing technology will revolutionize the printing industry. All the contents printed on paper are automatically erased with this technology. Users will not have to worry about incorrect printing. All you will have to do is just put it back into the printer and the content can be erased.

  3. Sheetfed digital printing

    A relatively new concept in the printing industry shed fed digital printing will completely transform how companies go about their printing business. Printing companies will benefit from this digital printing system as they would have the ability to print close to 707 X 500 mm sized sheets.

  4. Security printing

    This is one of the most important needs of every organization in printing. Without a secure system, no organization can function properly. In that regard, a lot of dramatic changes have been made regarding printing security. 2D barcoding, biometrics, and links are some of the recent advances being made insecure printing.

  5. Cloud printing

    This printing trend is utilized by a few business organizations and not utilized completely. This new technology is only going to keep growing as it gives the user the ability to use their tablets and smartphones for printing jobs.
    The cloud printing services are being offered by most of the companies that will allow your printers to connect to the cloud servers. Cloud-printing is a cost-effective alternative compared to other systems.

Personalized printing

The shift towards personalization is changing the print industry. Graphic designers are being pushed to find ways to be more creative and produce impactful designs. Some of the latest customizable printing services offered include metallic, fluorescent and spot colour inks.

Using metallic inks or toner as your fifth colour creates astounding results while fluorescent ink will brighten up your printing and have it glowing in the dark. Matching the array of colours will take your painting to the next level.

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