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This is a quick overview video of the Xerox DocuCentre IV C5570.

For more information on this machine call George on 0418 631 266

For technical specifications check the information under this video.

Functions & Specifications

ItemDocuCentre-IV C5570DocuCentre-IV C4470DocuCentre-IV C3370DocuCentre-IV C3371*DocuCentre-IV C2270
TypeConsole TYPE
Memory[DocuCentre CPS]1.5GB (Max. 2GB)
HDD *280GB(Usable Space: 40GB) Apeos Port: Standard
Colour CapabilityFull Color
Scanning Resolution600x600dpi
Printing Resolution1,200x2,400dpi (Multi-value-photo) 600x600dpi (Text / Text-Photo / Photo / Map)
Halftone / Printable ColorsEach Color 256 shades (16.7 million color)
Warm-up Time28 sec or less (at room temperature 20oC)
24 sec or less when the main power is on (at room temperature 20oC)
Original Paper SizeMax. 297x432mm (A3, 11x17″) for both sheet original and book original
Output Paper SizeMax.SRA3 12.6x17.7″ (320x449.6mm), 12x18″ (304.8x457.2mm)[For Bypass Tray, Max: 320.0x482.6mm]
For Bypass Tray, Postcard (100x148mm), Envelope (120x235mm)]
Image lossWithin 4mm for lead edge, Within 2mm for trail edge, Within 2mm for rear/front side
Output Paper Weight *3Tray60 – 256gsm
Bypass Tray55 – 280gsm
HCF B155 – 216gsm
First Copy Output TimeA4LEFBW: 3.7secBW: 4.4secBW: 4.9secBW: 4.9secBW: 6.6sec
A4LEFColor: 5.2secColor: 5.7secColor: 6.4secColor: 6.4secColor: 8.7sec
Reduction / EnlargementSize-to-Size1:1±0.7%
Preset1: 0.500, 1: 0.707, 1:0.816, 1:0.866, 1:1.154, 1:1.225, 1:1.414, 1:2.000
Variable1:0.25~1:4.00 (in 1% increments)
Continuous Copy Speed*4A4LEF/ B5LEFBW: 55 ppm
Color: 50 ppm
BW: 45 ppm
Color: 45 ppm
BW: 35 ppm
Color: 35 ppm
BW: 30 ppm
Color: 30 ppm
BW: 25 ppm
Color: 25 ppm
A4/B5BW: 39 ppm
Color: 36 ppm
BW: 32 ppm
Color: 32 ppm
BW: 27 ppm
Color: 27 ppm
BW: 23 ppm
Color: 23 ppm
BW: 19 ppm
Color: 19 ppm
B4BW: 32 ppm
Color: 29 ppm
BW: 26 ppm
Color: 26 ppm
BW: 23 ppm
Color: 23 ppm
BW: 20 ppm
Color: 20 ppm
BW: 16 ppm
Color: 16 ppm
A3BW: 27 ppm
Color: 25 ppm
BW: 22 ppm
Color: 22 ppm
BW: 20 ppm
Color: 20 ppm
BW: 17 ppm
Color: 17 ppm
BW: 14 ppm
Color: 14 ppm
Paper Tray Capacity *5Standard2,090 sheets: 500 sheets x 4 Tray +Bypass 90 sheets
OptionalHCF B1: 2,030 sheets
Tandem Tray Module: 2,500 sheets (Available only for certain country)
Optional5,120 sheets: 500 sheets + Tandem Tray 2,500 sheets (500 + 867+ 1,133sheets) + HCF B1 2,030 sheets + Bypass 90 sheets
4,120 sheets: 500 sheets x 4 Tray + HCF B1 2,030 sheets + Bypass 90 sheets
Continuous Copy *6999 sheets
Output Tray Capacity*5,7Exit 2 Tray: 250 sheets (A4LEF), Lower Center Tray: 250 sheets (A4LEF)
Power SupplyAC220-240±10% / 110V±10%, 10/15A for both 50/60Hz±3%
Power Consumption2.2KVA (AC220±10%)/ 2.4KVA (AC220+10%)/1.65KVA (110V±10%)
In Sleep Mode: 2W (220V) 1.5W (110V)
Low Power Mode 68W
Standby 130W
Low Power Mode 50W
Standby 80W
DimensionsW 640 x D 685 x H 1,128mm (With Automatic Document Feeder)
Machine weight *8136kg (IIT/IOT+DADF+3TM)133kg (IIT/IOT+DADF+3TM)
Machine spaceW 1,064 x D 685mm (With Bypass Tray fully extended)


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