What is the Difference Between a Photocopier and a Printer?

What is the difference between a photocopier and a printer? How can l tell whether a copier or a printer is best for my business? If you have asked yourself these questions, we’ve got the answers for you below.

The main purpose of the copier is to make duplicate copies, while a printer’s main purpose is to print copies. As technology is increasing, copiers and printers are almost indistinguishable from each other, especially as many multi-purpose printers come with copier features. With such overlapping features between both services, individuals or businesses become unsure as to which machine would best serve their needs. Here is more information about photocopiers and printers so you can make an informed decision.

1. Function of photocopier versus printer

Photocopiers use xerography technology, which is a dry process of creating an image by applying toner and heat to the paper. Printers are peripheral devices that create solid copies of the digital data represented on the computer screen. Many latest printers support memory cards, digital cameras or scanners, while higher end models for offices also come with other features such as scanner, copier and fax.

2. Features of a photocopier versus printer

This is an area where copiers and multifunction printers have different features that lend themselves to different uses. Copiers are generally designed for heavy duty work and document production, with finishing features such as binding and sorting. They are more efficient, reliable and have many more features such as printing, faxing, stapling, hole-punching and other capabilities. Multifunction printers perform very well in everyday office use and can handle regular scanning, copying, faxing, and printing, as well as being good all-around machines for the office to share.

3. Cost of photocopier versus printer

Is photocopying cheaper than printing? Many believe that it costs more to print multiple copies than photocopying the document. However, this is dependent upon the number of copies, pages and the data on the paper to be printed. If many copies have to be printed, then copiers will be a cheaper option. However, if one needs to print only a few pages, then printing becomes much cheaper.

4. Amount of ink used in printing or photocopying

Does printing use more ink than photocopying? The quantity of ink used all depends on what quality you want to print/copy. The lower the quality, the less ink machines will use. However, both means (printing or copying) use about the same amount of ink.

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