Privacy Policy

Total Transparency

CopySmart Pty Ltd will always do everything in their ability to protect the privacy of their clients and they will always comply with the accepted Australian Privacy Principles as they are contained in the Privacy Act of 1988. All visitors to the CopySmart Pty Ltd website will be required to comply with the rules regarding disclosure of personal information as they are stated in the CopySmart Pty Ltd policy. More information is available on this page and on the “Terms and Conditions” page of this website.

Information of a Personal and Private in Nature

This type of information may be information or an assumption about persons who could be identified when the information is perused. Visitors to this website should take note that some of your personal information may be collected by CopySmart Pty Ltd such as your place of residence, date of birth, mobile phone numbers and email address.

The Collection Process

CopySmart Pty Ltd can only harvest personal information legally in accordance with existing legislation and therefore they shun unethical collection methods. CopySmart Pty Ltd will go to great lengths to collect information directly from visitors and there will be no unnecessary intrusion and only information will be collected which is necessary for CopySmart Pty Ltd to function as the users of the website will expect them to function.

From time to time CopySmart Pty Ltd may enter into agreements with third parties who may collect your personal information with prior notification that such information will be forwarded to CopySmart Pty Ltd. Some people visiting our website makes use of a pseudonym since they are not comfortable to part with sensitive information and when this happens CopySmart Pty Ltd can only provide you with limited services. Nevertheless, those who wish to remain anonymous should not sign in or provide any information by which they may be identified. Those who do sign in on the CopySmart Pty Ltd website will be expected to provide current and accurate personal information.

Reasons for Data Collection

Collected data can be used for various marketing activities and this can include any reasonable assuage which is in line with the current legislation. The tendered information qualifies the individual to make use of the extensive services which is provided by CopySmart Pty Ltd. Data is collected for use by the internal management of CopySmart Pty Ltd. CopySmart Pty Ltd may also use your personal information for any other purposes provided that the individual has given their consent.

How Information is Used

CopySmart Pty Ltd could make your personal information available to third parties with whom we are participating. We could share the information with anyone if we have a legal obligation to do so and your information can also be shared with anyone if CopySmart Pty Ltd has your consent to share this information.

Information Management

CopySmart Pty Ltd has a legal obligation to provide individuals access to their personal data which has been captured in our database and where necessary individuals can request that corrections be made to that information. Our staff deals with these issues and contact information is provided on “Contact Us Page” of this website.

CopySmart Pty Ltd will be acting legally when they charge a small administrative fee to cover the cost of accessing your personal information on the customer database. Any individual who are concerned that CopySmart Pty Ltd is in possession of information relating to them which is not current, or relevant, incomplete or inaccurate can request that this information be corrected and CopySmart Pty Ltd will then be obligated to do so within a reasonable period of time and such corrections will be done free of charge.

Should a time come where CopySmart Pty Ltd no longer requires your personal information for any reasons described in their policy and there are no longer any legal obligations as far as that information is concerned then CopySmart Pty Ltd will take all reasonable steps to destroy such information. CopySmart Pty Ltd will always have a legal and ethical obligation to protect all personal information in our possession from misuse and all reasonable measures will be taken to prevent the loss of that information.

Cancelling Subscription

An individual may decide at any time to no longer participate in the activities of CopySmart Pty Ltd and also to no longer receive any direct marketing communications. If you do not notify us of your intentions you will continue to receive marketing communication and CopySmart Pty Ltd will continue to use your personal information in accordance with the existing agreement. Contact the administrators of this website if you would like your subscription to be terminated.

Across International Borders

Under certain condition CopySmart Pty Ltd may forward your personal information to entities and individuals in foreign countries and this is only done in order to be able to provide customers with a specific service which may have been requested by the member. All possible precautions will be taken to ensure that all information which was shared with third parties outside the borders of Australia will not be used by that third party in a manner that violates Australian Privacy Principles.

CopySmart Pty Ltd Contact Information

All customers are encouraged to contact the administrators should they require any information regarding the day to day operations of CopySmart Pty Ltd. Should there be any concerns regarding a suspected breach of Australian Privacy Principles it will be necessary to report such issues as soon as possible. Use the contact information supplied on this webpage and a senior staff member will review all complaints within 5 business days and will provide you the information about the action which has been taken by CopySmart Pty Ltd.

The CopySmart Pty Ltd Website

Members should take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all transfer of information between their computers and the website of CopySmart Pty Ltd is as secure as possible. Unfortunately, the internet is a hostile environment where certain elements are lurking seeking to exploit the unsuspecting. Unless it can be proven beyond all reasonable that CopySmart Pty Ltd has been negligent, there is no way that CopySmart Pty Ltd can be held responsible for any breach of security or loss of information or the disclosure of that information to criminals. In order to better serve its members, CopySmart Pty Ltd may make use of cookies in order to ensure a better online experience and to ensure a quicker browsing experience. It’s the members decision whether they will decline or accept cookies but, in the event, that they are declined it may no longer be possible to make use of all the interactive marvels which is available on the CopySmart Pty Ltd website.

Other Issues

From time to time it may be necessary for CopySmart Pty Ltd to make changes to its website policy. This may involve both minor and major changes and such changes may be made without prior notice and such changes will become effective immediately as soon as they have been uploaded to the CopySmart Pty Ltd website.