Printer Lease or Buy: How to Decide if You Should Buy or Lease a Printer for your Sydney Business

Are you ready to get your office printer but aren’t sure whether to buy or lease it? Let us help you make an informed decision.

Buying or leasing a printer is a huge business decision to make. The equipment will be an important part of your operation, therefore making the right decision for your business is very important. Here are some points on how to decide if you should buy or lease a printer for your Sydney business.

Benefits of buying a printer

One advantage of buying a printer is that it becomes your company asset and you are free to do whatever you want with it. You can sell and recoup some of the initial investment. You also save money by not paying fees and interest charges associated with the lease and you can choose your own service and support contract.

Drawbacks of buying a printer

With so many companies attempting to go paperless, the multifunction printer becomes the best machine to invest in. However, these type of printers are expensive to buy, and small businesses cannot afford the high costs. The printer may also require transporting costs to your business premises, which can be around $140 – $200 within Sydney metro area.

You also need to keep on buying toners, regularly servicing the machine, and replacing broken parts. Although many buyers choose their own service contractors, they still have to budget for the cost. If technology advances and your equipment becomes outdated, you may be stuck with equipment that cannot be resold or repurposed.

Benefits of a printer lease

One of the main reasons to consider leasing is that your capital is not spent in upfront costs. The toners and maintenance of the machine are included in the printer lease. The costs per print/copy are much lower and there are flexible upgrades within lease terms. Leasing would be the best option for you if managing cash flow is a concern for your business, and if you want to upgrade your machine to the newest technology with minimal budget.

Drawbacks of a printer lease

There is no ownership of the equipment unless you get a lease to buy the printer at the end of the renting lease. You are tied into monthly obligations. Many printer dealers will give you a minimum amount to print per month and if you do not meet the amount, you still pay the difference.

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