Perform Printer Maintenance

Do you want to know how to maximize the use of your printer and keep it in good working condition?

The attention you give your printer has a huge effect on the long term functioning of the machine. Just like any other computer hardware, a printer requires specific maintenance. Maintenance helps the machine to not only perform exceptionally but guarantees that it works for a long time to come. Here is a guide on how to perform printer maintenance.

1. Clean your print head

The print head needs cleaning at least once a month. Take off the cartridge and clean the head using warm water. Wet tissues or alcohol should not be used for cleaning. Let the print head dry completely before you fix it back.

2. Clean inside the printer

The inside of the printer must be cleaned regularly. Accumulation of dust and grime will prevent your printer from operating efficiently. Wipe the dust away by using a slightly moist lint-free cloth.

3. Check under the hood

Check under the hood for any jammed or broken parts. Most printers have built-in diagnostics that show any wear and tear. Take and make sure you replace any worn out parts with original parts that match your printer’s model.

4. Choose the right refill

Do not compromise on the quality of your toner/ink cartridges. It is best to opt for branded, good-quality cartridges as this helps maintain the working condition of your printer. Low-quality cartridges will also result in poor printing.

5. Replace cartridges before they dry up

The printer software usually gives notification when the toner level falls below normal so replace your cartridge before it runs out of ink. A dry cartridge will cause unwanted wear and tear on your printer head.

6. Turn it off

Printers generate a lot of heat while they are on, so turn off your printer when it is not in use. A printer that is continuously on without being used can cause wear and tear to other parts. The print header can also dry up the cartridge, clogging the header.

7. Download the latest drivers

Keep the printer drivers up-to-date by uploading and installing the latest drivers from the manufacturers to keep your printer in great working condition. Some printers indicate when a new driver is available.

8. Printer preventive maintenance schedule

Having a preventive maintenance plan for your printer can help avoid costly repairs and keep your business running smoothly. To obtain the best result preventive maintenance must be done at least twice a year. Proper handling, care, and usage extend the life of your machine, hence its best to choose a reliable printer repair for your semi-annual maintenance plan.

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