Office Printers: The Facts About Leasing vs Buying

Are you also caught in that dilemma of deciding between printer leasing or buying?

The office printer is an essential piece of machine regardless of which industry the business is involved in. A successful business would want to settle for a printer model with more advanced features and versatility. This, however, comes with a much higher cost, which causes businesses to think twice before deciding on leasing a printer or buying one. To address this dilemma, here are some facts about leasing vs buying a printer.

  1. Advantages of leasing a printer
    The reality is that any technology can become obsolete very quickly. Office equipment such as printers have a very short lifespan in terms of technological relevance. With leasing, there is no need to worry about being stuck with out-of-date technology.  When leasing a printer, you sign a lease for a certain period of time and once it expires, you can simply choose to not renew the lease and instead lease a new printer.Leasing a printer also brings expensive technology within your business’s reach because the investment required to buy such a piece of equipment would be too high. Leasing a printer does not require down payment. The absence of down payments and predictability of monthly instalments make leasing a printer one of the most financially stable elements for a business to rely on.
  2. Disadvantages of leasing a printer
    The biggest flaw of leasing a printer is that your business can end up paying more than what the printer was actually worth at the time of purchase. Another drawback of leasing a printer is that certain lease contracts have restricted time frames, meaning you cannot discontinue the lease if you need a change.
  3. Advantages of buying a printer
    Buying a printer has a financial benefit as well because the printer becomes a deductible for your business when you pay your taxes. You can reduce the full cost of the printer you buy from your business’s taxable income. Another advantage of buying a printer over leasing a printer is that you are free to decide how to maintain your printer. Buying a printer is also far easier than leasing a printer, since there is less paperwork involved.
  4. Disadvantages of buying a printer
    One of the disadvantages of buying a printer is that you could end up being stuck with a piece of obsolete technology. The other disadvantage of buying a printer is that a large amount of down payment is required. If you have a small business or tight finances, this down payment may be too much.

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