How To Set Up A Fuji Xerox Wireless Printer

Are you tired of so many tangling wires and power cords connected to your devices?

Well, why not try wireless printing? Wireless printers or WiFi printers enable you to print from multiple, distributed electronic devices without physically having to connect a wire to the printer. Copysmart has a number of Fuji Xerox printers with a built-in wireless function.

How do l connect my wireless printer? Good question. That is exactly why we are providing you with this information to make setting up of your wireless Fuji Xerox printer a lot easier.

Setting up the Fuji Xerox wireless printer

To get started, you need to ensure that you have the name of your wireless network (SSID), wireless network password, security and encryption types. Go to Start Menu, select Control Panel and click Network and Sharing Centre. Click Manage Wireless Networks, and then double click on your preferred wireless network. Note the SSID, security and encryption types. Different ways to connect a wireless printer are described below.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

WPS enables users to easily secure a wireless network and connect wireless devices without accessing the router’s configuration screens or the wireless network’s security key/passphrase. A WPS enabled wireless access point is needed. Press the WiFi button on the control panel, then Connecting WLAN.  When the WiFi button flashes green, press the WPS button on your wireless access point/router. The connection has been successful.


A WPS-PIN enabled wireless access point/router is necessary. Press Menu on the printer control panel, select Network and then press OK. Select WLAN, and then press the OK button. Select WPS w/PIN Code and then press the OK button. Press the [+] button to enable wireless on the printer to display the PIN. Login into your router to complete the WPS-PIN procedure on the wireless access point and the wireless connection will be successful. Press the OK button and the WiFi button will turn green.


Press the Menu button on the printer control panel, select Network, and then press the OK button. Select WLAN and press the OK button. Select Setup Wizard and press the OK button. Enable wireless on the printer by pressing the [+] button. At this stage, the printer will auto scan the wireless network for available SSIDs. Find the SSID of your wireless network. Enter the Network Key (Password) and then select Yes, to Apply Settings. Press the OK button to set up the connection.

Do you want the best wireless printer for your printing needs?

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How To Set Up A Fuji Xerox Wireless Printer Setting up the Fuji Xerox wireless printer Set up the Fuji Xerox wireless printer