How To Set Up A Fuji Xerox Printer

Have you just purchased a Fuji Xerox printer or you are planning on buying one? Are you wondering how fast you can get your machine set up?

By following the steps outlined below, you’re guaranteed to set up your Fuji Xerox printer correctly.

Preparing to set up Fuji Xerox printer

  1. Ensure that the components in the box and the AC power plug are the correct ones, as these may differ, depending on your country.
  2. Install the toner cartridge and connect the power cord. Turn on the machine.
  3. Connect the machine to your computer/mobile device. Make sure you have the name of your wireless network (SSID), wireless network password, security and encryption types. To find the name and type of security encryption of your wireless network on your computer, for example Windows, go to the start menu and select Control Panel. Click on the Network and Internet icon and then on network and sharing centre. Click on Manage Wireless Networks and then double click on your preferred wireless network.

Setting up your Fuji Xerox printer on a wireless network

  1. Insert the Software Pack CD onto your computer. Once the AutoPlay window shows up, click Run setup.exe to start the Easy install Navi.
  2. Click Advance Tools. Click wireless configuration, select No and click Next. Select the network you want, then enter ‘Password’ and click Next. If the network does not display, click Refresh.
  3. Alternatively, select Input the SSID directly and enter the name of the wireless network. Under Security, select the Protocol (Encryption type). Enter the wireless network password into the WEP key field. Click Next at the IP Address settings page. Click Apply, then Yes to restart your printer and click Finish.

Install the drivers on your PC

  1. Click Return and click Installing Drivers and Software.
  2. Select Network Installation and click Next. If you agree to the terms of licence agreement, select and click Next.
  3. Select the printer from the list. If the printer does not display, click Refresh or click Add Printer to manually add the printer.
  4. Enter the Port Name, printer IP address and click Next.
  5. Select Report/List and press OK.
  6. Select Systems Settings and press OK. The IP address is located under Wireless Network section.
  7. Click Next, then Install and restart your computer.
  8. Click Finish and your printer will now be set up on your computer.

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How To Set Up A Fuji Xerox Printer how to set up Fuji Xerox printer