How Often Must the Photocopier be Serviced?

Do you know how long you should wait before you can get you photocopier serviced again?

A photocopier is an important piece of equipment in many workplaces that is likely to be used on a daily basis. Regardless of the make or model of the machine, it is essential to keep it in good working order through regular servicing, to avoid interruption of performance and costly repairs. Here are guiding points on how often photocopier must be serviced.

  1. Service and maintenance contracts
    Most of the businesses do not have the in-house skills and knowledge required to carry out repairs and maintenance on their photocopiers. It is therefore best to hire a reputable, qualified, and professional company to service and maintain your photocopiers. A good habit for businesses is to have a photocopier service contract in place that will keep their copier up to optimum specifications at all times.

    There is a wide variety of contracts to choose from. These range from low monthly fees with lower copy limits and a higher cost per excess page, to those with very high monthly fees but unlimited copier use. The needs and usage of your business with determine the best option to go for. If the photocopier is leased or rented, maintenance, servicing, and repairs are included in the agreement and paid as part of your monthly charge.
  2. Photocopier maintenance
    The terms of maintenance contracts usually vary with each business. It is important to make sure that your contract meets your business needs before signing the agreement. Suppliers can also offer a range of different types of maintenance agreements. The most common are the flexible maintenance contracts which consist of a fixed monthly premium. A good maintenance contract should specify response time within which an engineer will be sent out by the supplier, once called.
  3. Maintenance frequency
    The frequency of the maintenance will be determined by the printing needs within your company. Make a good and most objective assessment of your business requirements, to know the best starting point for how often you should maintain your photocopier. The less volume of work the copy machine does, the longer you can go before a proper servicing and maintenance. If your business is on the high side of usage, you will need frequent maintenance.

    Most maintenance contract agreements will include regular service check-ups as determined by the estimated copy volume. It is important to establish your business’s average monthly copy volume before you sign a copier service agreement. A standard maintenance service agreement should include both scheduled service calls and unscheduled repair calls.

Where to find office photocopy machines and services

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How Often Must the Photocopier be Serviced How Often Must A Photocopier be Serviced photocopier maintenance and service