How Much Do Office Copiers Cost?

Do you need to replace your old copier with a new and robust one? Or you just need to buy a new copier? Is your business growing so much that you need to buy multiple copiers? Where do you start searching for great copiers at a good price? With such a wide variety of copier options to choose from, it can be quite difficult to know where to start.

Whether it is your first time buying a copier for the office or looking to replace your old one, here is an excellent guide to help you make the right decision for your copier.

What to consider when looking for an office copier

Features to look out for include the document size and type you need, to suit your needs. Also consider capabilities such as scanning as well as printing and copying. You have to decide whether you need colour or black and white, and whether you want a wireless-ready machine or not.

So, how much does a copier cost?

The cost of the office copier will differ depending on your needs. Manufacturers measure their printing devices by the print speed or pages per minute (ppm). Using these measurements as benchmarks, four main categories of copiers are presented here as well as their approximate costs.

25 ppm MFD: $4000-$7000

These stand-alone, 25 ppm MFD copiers can copy, print, scan and fax, keeping your office copying under control although you may struggle if you start copying large print jobs. This copier is recommended for offices expecting to print 4 000 to 7 000 pages per month.

30 ppm MFD: $6000-$10 000

The copier is very similar to the 25 ppm category, but can easily handle daily office tasks and large increases in monthly volumes. If you estimate your monthly print volume to be around 7 000 to 9 000 pages per month, this copier will suit you.

40 ppm MFD: $9500-$13 000

This copier offers all the same capabilities as its smaller ones, but at a much faster speed. It is designed to offer higher monthly print volumes. The copier can handle approximately 9 000 to 12 000 pages per month.

50 ppm MFD: $12 000-$16 000

The copying and printing speed and capacity for high monthly volumes is significantly increased in this copier. The 50 ppm, 60ppm or more capacity copiers can run large jobs of brochures, corporate documents or monthly volumes of 15 000 to 20 000.

Where to find the perfect office copier at affordable prices

Selecting a copier from highly renowned brand names is the best way to ensure the copier you choose is high quality and durable. Copysmart offers just what you need. We have a range of affordable, quality and budget-friendly copiers that will suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. We deliver high quality, tailor-made office printing solutions, repairs and maintenance, and unbeatable rental services. Call our reliable and experienced sales and service staff members on 0418 631 266, 0411 530 531, 0405 836 876 and 0449 951 304.


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