Are Printer Ink Cartridges Recyclable?

Are printer ink cartridges recyclable? Are you ready to throw away your used ink cartridge?

Before throwing that empty ink cartridge into the trash, remember that it will take nearly 1,000 years for it to decompose in your local landfill. The good news is that when the ink cartridge is empty, it can be recycled or refilled and used again. Recycling ink cartridges is a good thing and is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option. Ink cartridges are small and easy to replace. Here is how you can replace them.

1. How to replace an empty ink cartridge?

Although inkjet printers are slightly different, replacing the cartridge follows the same basic steps. The first step is to switch on your printer and open the cover enclosing the cartridge. The cartridges should slide to the centre of the printing area or you may need to press the ink button for the cartridge to slide out. Gently remove the cartridge to be replaced, pulling it at an angle away from point of attachment.

Shake the new cartridge before you unpack it, to prevent leakage.  Remove the protective sticker or cover over the ink dispenser. Insert the new cartridge or your refilled one into the printer, in the reverse way that you remove the old one. Replace the cover and print a test page to ensure the cartridge has been installed correctly.

2. How to clean printer ink cartridges?

Over time, inkjet printers can become dirty due to excess ink leaking out of the out of the ink cartridge, reducing the print quality. Hence, there is need to clean your inkjet cartridge nozzles about once every three months or whenever the output from your printer suddenly starts streaking. Modern printers come with some type of self-cleaning ability that can take care of cleaning its own cartridges. Depending on how your start menu is configured, open the properties dialog box and locate the printer’s cleaning options. Click the appropriate cleaning button to start the cleaning process.

3. Use of Canon ink in Epson printer

Perhaps you have different printers in your office, and have asked yourself, ‘Can I use Canon ink in Epson Printer?’ If you put Canon ink into an Epson printer head, it may work for a short while, but soon the ink can clog the nozzles. This may end up damaging your print head and eventually your printer. It is best to refill with the appropriate ink.

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