The history of Copy Smart began when a friend who was a minister at an Anglican church asked me if I could help him source a cheap second hand photocopier. Knowing that I had worked with Fuji Xerox as a contractor for 5 years as a National Operations Manager, he could trust me to get the best possible deal on a copier for him. Well, I had left work with Fuji Xerox a few years earlier but I said that I would try to source one for him.

Unfortunately that took longer than he was able to wait, and he ended up purchasing an expensive second hand “analogue” Richo copier with very “high copy count” and a “long term contract” with a “high click charge” rate.

I hate it when people get ripped off. If someone tried to sell you a car, you would know what a reasonable make and price would be on that car, but when purchasing a second hand photocopier most people do not have the faintest idea. So either they overestimate the cost of a copier or they underestimate the cost of one.

I sell Xerox copiers not because I worked with them, but because I know the history of the photocopier industry. For those who do not know, Xerox was the first to invent the photocopier. So they have been in the game for much longer than any other copier company. Like BMW and Mercedes Benz in the motor vehicle industry, Xerox has been leading the world in photocopier manufacturing and technology a lot longer than all the other Johnny come lately photocopier manufacturer’s.

What people also fail to understand is the difference between “re manufactured” photocopiers and “used photocopiers”. Re manufactured photocopiers need to be over hauled because they have met their life expectancy and need to be re “conditioned”, as opposed to used photocopiers which have not done their life cycle and only need to be resold. To put it a little more clearly, it’s like a motor vehicle that has only done 30,000 Kilometres. You don’t need to recondition a car with such low kilometres; you would give it a check and clean. The Xerox Digital Photocopiers that I sell have not done their life cycle and thus are not in need of re-manufacturing. Most second hand Xerox Photocopiers that I sell only need to be refurbished. They have only done between 5% – 50% of their life cycle.

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